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Beautiful Feet Wellness, Jenny Footle:

“You would think getting over a drug addiction or exiting the sex trade would be the hardest part, but honestly, reintegrating back into society is scary and complex. We work with people who are currently in or have exited to reenter “normal” life. Everything from how to answer questions, engage in healthy social activities, and how to feel comfortable in their own skin when it feels like no one understands or can relate to you.

We also help individuals gain confidence and physical health through exercise. When your life/value revolves around what your body looks like and what you can do with it, reorienting your brain and body is key in the healing & empowerment process. 

Freedom doesn’t come with a completion certificate. Instead, freedom is a journey that starts out as hard and scary, but can become life giving as you discover the depths of how you’ve been set free. The heart behind Beautiful Feet Wellness is encouraging people to move from surviving to thriving by discovering healing through fitness, self-care and appreciation, spiritual growth, and wellness practices.”

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About Us

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The Founder & CEO: Jenny Footle, also known as Beautiful Feet, is an artist, activist, speaker, and lover of God. A Native woman from Oklahoma, she now calls Colorado home and is deeply committed to community and views wellness through The Seven Circles. BIPOC, LGBTQ+, peer to peer, disability justice, and a woman in leadership inform the way Jenny shows up and is committed to serving survivors of human trafficking. Jenny believes: 

There is space for all of us, and you being here does not take away or compete with my power, it enhances our community and efforts. 

She combines poetry and dance to create choreopoems to spread awareness about human trafficking in an accessible way and has been working hands-on with survivors since 2014. Jenny is a Master’s of Public Health candidate at the Colorado School of Public Health. BFW is run and researched through a Public Health lens.

Beautiful Feet Wellness is committed to addressing the needs of human trafficking survivors from underrepresented and marginalized communities through direct services, awareness initiatives, and research partnerships. What sets us apart are our innovative focus areas: long-term care (community) and wellness (health). While many organizations provide emergency and short-term care to survivors, our unique emphasis is on long-term support.  Without long-term care, survivors often risk returning to their trafficking situation, necessitating a repeat of the expensive and intensive exit process, which also results in additional trauma and lost time. 

Our dedicated staff includes fitness instructors, personal trainers, mental health professionals, and peer navigators, all trained in trauma-informed and survivor-informed care, and many of them hold identities that reflect our community (ex: survivors, in recovery, LGBTQ, BIPOC, etc.). We partner with community organizations, health providers, and academic institutions to ensure inclusive, comprehensive, multidisciplinary support for survivors. Through these collaborations, we extend our reach and impact, providing survivors from marginalized communities with the resources and care they need to rebuild their lives. We ensure our programs are effective, empathetic, and responsive to the unique challenges faced by survivors.

Meet the Board of Directors

Monica Prince
Antoinette Johnson
Tama Nguyen
Kerry Roesch
Joe Mack
Cami Anthony

Our History







Jenny helped form Breaking Chains with Love, an activist group, to help bring awareness to the issue of human trafficking and lobby for policy change in favor of victims. They were able to help pass an Illinois law that gave international HT victims refugee status and benefits.

From there, Jenny moved to Texas where the fitness and dance instructor side of her career really took off. Within months she was bringing dance and wellness to everyone from seniors to at risk youth.

Jenny moved to Denver and began working directly with organizations combatting human trafficking, people exiting the sex trade, and survivors along the front range.

Jenny had been volunteering her time to bring fitness and wellness to human trafficking survivors and those exiting the sex trade in the Denver area for 4 years. In 2018 she had to start turning down requests as she was still working full time to help support her family.

Jenny formed Beautiful Feet Wellness to better serve these populations she has a heart for, utilizing her expertise in fitness, wellness coaching, and spiritual growth.

Beautiful Feet Wellness officially launched to the public with our "A New Awareness: a dance performance non-profit launch event."



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Current Partners

Zonta International was established November 8, 1919 in Buffalo, New York, with nine charter clubs. Today, Zonta International is a global organization of more than 29,000 members in nearly 1,200 Zonta clubs in 63 countries.

Zonta International is a leading global organization of professionals empowering women worldwide through service and advocacy.

Grant funder of 2024 Wellness Retreat

Social Brew

With its mission of contributing 50% of its profits to fight against human trafficking, Social Brew is not just about discovering the best in coffee, but uncovering the best in humankind. With its cause, Social Brew digs deep into humankind’s reservoirs to bring forth care, empathy, and compassion. They have partnered with Beautiful Feet Wellness and other nonprofits who are dedicated to the same cause.  

Fight Cofee

With its mission of contributing 100% of its profits to fight against human trafficking, Fight Coffee aims to make it easy for everyone to be part of the solution simply by drinking coffee!

They value the sanctity of all human life, justice, community, honesty, integrity, transparency, hard work, the pursuit of excellence, faith, hope and unconditional love. They have partnered with Beautiful Feet Wellness and other nonprofits who are dedicated to the same cause.