*Services are offered free of charge to people coming out of the sex trade or human trafficking, and the organizations that serve them.

Community members and supporters are encouraged to donate when requesting and participating in services offered by Beautiful Feet Wellness.

Most services can be offered remotely.

Community Wellness Classes


Want to bring fitness and wellness to your community, school, business, or church while also supporting a great cause? Beautiful Feet Wellness offers a variety of classes and we come to you!

Yoga, Barre, Zumba, HIIT, Total Body Conditioning, Weights, and hybrid classes designed with flexibility and adaptability for any group or venue.

Virtual Community Support Groups


Our weekly virtual support groups provide a safe space for survivors to discuss challenges, share progress, and receive emotional support from peers and trained facilitators. This virtual platform ensures accessibility for those who may face barriers to in-person attendance, such as transportation issues or geographical isolation.

Personal Training

Whether you're just starting out or wondering where to go from here, work one-on-one to get individual support towards achieving greater health for yourself. Beautiful Feet Wellness will work with you to design a fitness and wellness program to fit your individual goals and needs. From there, they will work with you one-on-one to achieve better health and wellness.

Wellness Retreats


We organize wellness retreats 1-2 times a year, providing survivors with intensive, immersive experiences that combine fitness, relaxation, and holistic healing. These retreats offer a respite from daily stresses and an opportunity for deep emotional and physical rejuvenation.

Community Meetups


Throughout the year we have Community Meetups for survivors to come together, connect, and be mutually encouraged. We do fun things like art, fitness, food, going to the park, kayaking, hiking, etc.

Life Skills & Peer Navigation


Mindfulness and meditation, grounding, coping, diet, art, navigating social situations and life in general; there is a lot that makes up a healthy lifestyle. Beautiful Feet Wellness works with individuals and groups and will tailor curriculum to your specific context and audience. We also work with other organizations doing similar work and will help connect you to the right resources.

Survivors helping Survivors: Leveraging our community network and resources, peer navigators guide survivors through their recovery journey, helping them access necessary services and support systems. This peer-led approach ensures empathetic and relevant guidance, crucial for those from underserved backgrounds.